Mittwoch, 10. Juli 2013

The classic photo reportage: Don 't shoot pictures, take pictures and tell a story. Be a storyteller.

The classic photo reportage: Don 't shoot pictures, take pictures and tell a story. Be a storyteller.

Photojournalists are telling stories!
Small or bigger ones!
At the very least, with a personal view of it.

Arouse emotions, generate feelings, questioning the subject, shift the focus to a certain point, question something,
Show long-standing from a new angle, it is the object and "calling" a good and also successful documentary photographer.

Herbert Piels 2-day Master Class "Report" workshop dates in the LEICA ACADEMY 2014:

Berlin Workshop from 03.05. - 04.05.2014
Hamburg workshop from 17.05. - 18.05.2014
Munich Workshop from 30.08. - 31.08.2014
Frankfurt Workshop from 06.09. - 07.09.2014
Salzburg Workshop from 25.10. - 26.10.2014

The workshops will be presented at the LEICA experience days in Wetzlar on 16./17.11.13.

Some topics of the workshop will be:

What is really a "photo report"?
How important is technology really?
Ethics in Photography
How do I find a topic?
How do I prepare myself for a topic?
What resources do I use it?
Preparations generally but also mentally
What material do I use the process equipment in general?
Examples of work and procedure of famous photographers
How can I reduce my image results on the essentials?
and much more.

"Hunter-gatherers" say some, "Memory of the Republic" write the others. Herbert Piel moves since 1975 the fine line between crisis areas and high political prominence. Experience his workshop, you will learn the stories behind well-known image-icons and sometimes its individual style, you can take in a vibrant photo presentation on a guided journey into the recent past.
Sometimes with tongue in cheek, in front of and behind the camera!
HERBERT PIEL worked for world renowned international photo agencies such as Reuters, Associated Press and German Press Agency
as well as a contract photographer for the german magazines Stern, Bunte and Spiegel in the photographic supreme discipline:
The classic photo reportage.
His motto: "I see myself as a hunter-gatherer I hunt and gather moments.."
He is a member of the German Society for Photography and "Flashback" award winner and is represented by the photo agency "IMAGE TRUST". Last current exhibition series "Please do not smile!" at the Leica Gallery in Solms.