Montag, 21. Mai 2012

The shadow of the emperor !

The shadow of the emperor !
Seen at the "German corner", Koblenz-Germany
©Herbert Piel

Deutsches Eck ("German Corner") is the name of a headland in Koblenz where the Moselle joins the Rhine. In 1897, nine years after the death of the German Emperor William I, the former emperor was honoured with a giant equestrian statue bearing an inscription quoting a German poem: "Nimmer wird das Reich zerstöret, wenn ihr einig seid und treu" (Never will the Empire be destroyed, so long as you are united and loyal). Another inscription could be found at the statue dedicating it to “Wilhelm der Große” (William the Great).

In 1945, the statue was badly damaged by an American artillery shell. Soon afterwards it was completely taken down. The French military government planned to replace the old memorial with a monument for peace and understanding among nations, but this concept was never realized.

After the formation of the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic in 1949, the country was divided into a capitalist west and a communist east. In order to express the deep wish for a united Germany[citation needed], President Theodor Heuss turned the German Corner into a monument to German unity. As a result, the coats of arms of all German Länder (states), including those of former German territories such as Silesia, East Prussia and Pomerania, were installed. Replacing the destroyed equestrian statue, a German flag flew over the plaza.

After the Berlin Wall came down in November 1989, three concrete parts of the actual wall were installed next to the monument. On 3 October 1990, the emblems of the new federal states were added.

Stairway to...... ???

Stairway to...... ??? I´ve forgotten ;-))) Germany´s next Top Model ? Don´t know.... Seen at the "German Corner" at Koblenz / Germany

©Herbert Piel

The Berlin days...behind the LEICA event scenes

Had a good time with my friends in Berlin.
Anthony Suau, Thömas Höpker, Barbara Klemm, Thorsten von Overgaard, Steve Huff, Eric Kim, Charlie Kirk, Matthias Frei, and some others.
Many thanks to Matthias Frei for the pics.

with Eric Kim and Anthony Suau

with Charlie Kirk, Eric Kim and Steve Huff

all together inside the "Paris Bar" in Berlin

and with the Leica guys during the event

and with Thomas Höpker the evening before.

Dienstag, 15. Mai 2012

Three ol´LEICA guys!

It was a pleasure hanging around with my friends Barbara Klemm and Thomas Höpker during the LEICA Event, may 10th in Berlin.
Especially to meet Barbara again, sorry Thomas, after long time no see.
We covered a lot of stories together like Startbahn West, Ball des Sports, and some other events all over germany.

And thank you so very much, Olaf Stefanus, from the LFI Photographie magazine to send me this pic.

Samstag, 12. Mai 2012

EVERY picture tells a story, sometimes a short one!

EVERY picture tells a story, sometimes a short one!
Berlin Potsdamer Platz, out of the hotelroom
Leica M9, Summilux 50/1,4 asph. 1/4 sek , 320 ASA freehand

Freitag, 4. Mai 2012

Please help to fill the new Blog: Show us "last hidden secrets" InSight - The Professional Info Blog

Dear Friends, in web 2.0, facebook  and real life
dear colleagues
dear professionals,

Please help to fill the new Blog: Show us "last hidden secrets" InSight

- The Professional Info Blog

Are not we all getting a bit curious rather than photographing people?
Those who have not yet interested in what the fellow has in his bag?

I would like to create a new informational blog and a facebook site  by
the "last hidden secrets" in the pro-bags, OK, man behind the camera takes the picture, but what he used as helpers is very interested in the photo enthusiasts already.

My request to you would be a photo of your open camera bag / case with
Equipement for GREAT shooting and even a photo of the little bag for every day

That would be my main request to you, and if I do not have enough then
annoyed with my request, and maybe you support my idea, I would would be so kind to answer the sub-items 2-4 additional.


Here, the rough copy:

InSight - The Professional Info Blog

First InSight in the pro-bags

(The big solution and the "small set")
Bag, cameras, lenses
Please, send me a photo

Second InSight into the professional studio

Flash / lighting system / stands/ Light Control / little helper

Third InSight into the professional world of one-and three-legged
Tripods / leaning aid / special solutions

4th InSight on the pro-Acssesoirs
What is your most important tool in your bag?
What has nothing to do with photography, but is essential for you?


I will invite you immediadly after the blog is online, first I have to
collect some internatinol bags from some pro-legends;-)

Mit eurer Hilfe ein neuer internationaler Blog in Planung: Die letzten Geheimnisse in den Fototaschen der Profis!

Liebe Freunde aus web 2.0, dem richtigen Leben und facebook,
liebe Kollegen,
liebe Fotoprofis,

Bitte helfen Sie mit den neuen Blog zu füllen:

Die letzten Geheimnisse in den Fototaschen der Profis! 

Nationale und internationale Stars, und auch legendäre Ikonen der Fotoscene wurden heute angefragt, aber auch die ambitionierten Amateure sind gefragt!

Sind wir nicht alle immer etwas neugieriger als nicht fotografierende Mitmenschen?
Wer hat sich noch nicht dafür interessiert, was der Kollege in der Tasche hat?
Ich bin ja nun auch seit 1975 in diesem Metier, und klar, habe ich immer schon mal geguckt, was der Kollege so mit sich rumschleppt.

Ich möchte gerne einen neuen informativen Blog erstellen, indem die "letzten" Geheimnisse gelüftet werden, OK, der Mensch hinter der Kamera macht das Bild, aber welche Helferlein er dafür verwendet interessiert die Fotobegeisterten schon.

Vielleicht haben Sie am Wochenende 5 Minuten Zeit dafür....

Mein Wunsch an Sie/ euch wäre ein Foto von der geöffneten Fototasche/ Koffer mit Equipement fürs GROSSE Shooting, und einmal ein Foto mit Tasche vom kleinen Besteck.

Das wäre meine Hauptbitte an Sie/euch, und wenn ich Sie/Euch dann noch nicht genug genervt habe mit meinem Anliegen,  und Sie/ ihr die Idee gerne mit unterstützt, wäre ich für die Beantwortung der Unterpunkte 2-4 natürlich sehr !!! dankbar.

Schickt eure Infos und das/die Fotos an:

Ich würde in diesem neuen Blog eure Homepage und fb Seite verlinken, wenn es euch recht ist.

Hier das Rohkonzept:

EinBlick - Der Profi-Info Blog

1. EinBlick in die Profi-Taschen
(Die große Lösung und das "kleine Besteck")
Tasche, Kameras, Objektive

2. EinBlick in die Profi-Studios
 Blitz/Lichtanlage / Stands/ Lichtformer / kleine Helferlein

3. EinBlick in die Profi Welt der Ein- und Dreibeiner
Stative / Einbeiner / besondere Lösungen

4. EinBlick auf die Profi-Accessoires
 Was ist dein wichtigstes Immer dabei Tool?
Was hat mit Fotografie nichts zu tun, ist aber unverzichtbar für dich?



Sobald der neue Blog steht und mit Leben erfüllt ist, werde ich es euch per fb mitteilen.