Freitag, 23. Mai 2014

LEICA celebration impressions Part 2 with Elliott Erwitt, Craig Semetko, Nick Ut and Günter Osterloh

I felt honoured having a little friendly talk to Elliott Erwitt, one of the alltime grandmasters of Leica Camera photography. Today, at the Leica Celebration, I gave him some pics I shot yesterday, (as you can see some posts before) He commented it with: " Well done, son ! " and I said: " Thanx dad ! "

Two photographers UNPOSED Craig Semetko and Herbert Piel, we´ve met today after a long time " no see" , I think since the Monochrom Event in Berlin some years ago. But we had fun again I love his new book, India unposed, with stunning photographs !!!!

And now: copyright and made by Alfred Schopf ( CEO Leica Camera) A nice souvenir photo with Herbert Piel and Nick Ut, today at the Leica New opening in Wetzlar. 
Maybe it will be a new World Press Foto !  


Eine ganz besondere Freude machte heute bei den Leica Feierlichkeiten in Wetzlar auch das Wiedersehen mit Günter Osterloh, Leiter der Leica Akademie von 1993 bis April 2002. Als Jugendlicher habe ich seine Bücher gelesen, aber nie daran gedacht heute einmal selbst als Referent der Leica Akademie MasterClass zu agieren.